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English words in French and à l’envers

French linguist brands his fellow countrymen as ‘lazy’ over increasing use of English words and phrases in the language  Language expert Professor Jean Maillet called English use ‘reprehensible’  90 per cent of French people regularly use... lire plus

Scary Mutant Ninja Words

What are the new buzzwords and which ones are trending? Do you think that if you invent a new word on a boozy night out and overshare it on social media the next morning, it might stick? Will you get royalties and live like a King? These days you really do need to be... lire plus

How’s your grammer? (sic)

Last Friday we celebrated the National Grammar Day. But what is bad grammer (sic) and more importantly, good grammar? Badly spalling [sic] a word is not bad grammer [sic]. It’s being careless. National Grammar Day is an American invention that first saw the light in... lire plus