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Tradwell: the art of translation

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Tradwell: the art of translation

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Employee transfer support

Business presentations

On-site translation

Signage templates

Brochures, guides, price lists

Marketing & communication

French administration

Linguistic coaching

Work processes

Bilingual support

Website & Frame translation


Tradwell has a long tradition of translating from English to French and from French to English. Versatility and precision are the key qualities of Tradwell. We translate your marketing documents, all your written communication, private and corporate contracts, tenders and bids, websites and more. Whatever the media: PowerPoint, .pdf, Word… We don’t use translating software solutions. In order to find and integrate the right word in the right context, we rely on the Thesaurus and the Oxford English dictionary, printed and online. The documents you submit for translation were written by humans to be read by humans, our localized and audience-adapted translations too. We always strive to give you the best translation possible, we focus on your project to make it stand out in the target language.


You need to present your company, products and services during a business meeting in France. Tradwell will not only translate your PowerPoint, but adapt the pitch to the type of audience: we will be concise if the audience is composed of highly skilled engineers for whom storytelling approach is alien, or expressive if you’re in front of a meeting room full of communicators or art designers. The translated documents will be identical, except for the language. Tradwell has a long and versatile experience of working with top French brands and listed companies. You need to be sure that your business translations reflect your company’s aims. Tradwell guarantees that you will be understood, the length and intensity of applause depend on you.


Bespoke translation of all Marketing & Communication documents: Tradwell specialises in both. We translate brochures, presentations, press releases, user manuals and all Marketing & Communication supports to make them precisely aimed at the target audience. They obviously are in the source language, yet to ensure that your products are showcased and service excellence highlighted, you need to have confidence in your translator. Many decision makers think that Tradwell is the right translating service to make their Marketing and Communication come alive in French or in English. Try Tradwell and see your business grow over the Channel, de l’autre côté de la Manche.


Website translation is an art in itself: Tradwell has translated a large number of websites. Technical and industrial contents, purely commercial pages, story boards and WordPress frame translations. You can email your contents on a secure server in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. or let Tradwell do it directly on your website via Adobe Business Solutions, Word Press or other. The length of all paragraphs will be respected, the message amplified and the layout will be the same. If your website pages need to be written in either French or English, Tradwell will work closely with you to produce the best formulation. At Tradwell we integrate an after sales service into all estimates, so if you need to add, change or reformulate once your website’s online, it won’t cost you more for at least 3 months to come.


You need to launch a tender or compose a bid, yet barely have the time and means to do it in your native tongue. Tradwell specialises in translating complex commercial and technical documents and assists you efficiently in onsite, live translations. Tradwell has recently translated (and written some of it) the winning bid for a tender to operate the London Olympic Stadium. VINCI Concessions, one of world biggest construction and concession companies submitted the winning bid in record time. It comprised over 50 000 words including higly technical chapters as well as a large number of pages of commercial argumentation with event-specific connotation. Tradwell delivered on time and on the money.

Fields of Expertise


Energy, environement

Art, culture, design

Transport Industry

Sustainable development

Luxury goods, Cosmetics

Food & Beverage Industry

Mobility, Intermodality

Market Research

Hotel Industry


Communication, Events, Meetings


Tradwell has been a favourite translator for the hotel and tourism industry since its foundation. We translate marketing and communication documents, email campaigns, commercial brochures, signage and websites for major international hotel groups, individual hotels, B&B, regional tourist offices, official tourist guides… We know how to convince existing clients, reach potential clients and built client loyalty. Tradwell adds sparkle to your communication, your website translated by Tradwell describes your hotel and services with the same intensity and colour as in your native tongue. We are passionately bilingual about allotments, distribution channels, rev par and maximum effect revenue management. In the highly competitive world of today it’s vital to make a difference. A badly written email campaign or a poorly worded website isn’t what you want; a beautifully worded document in both French and English, crafted with the aim to increase your sales, is what you need. Tradwell does that, precisely.


Tradwell translates transportation: all documents relating to the transport industry, motorways and all ground transport infrastructures, toll tag documentation and commercial argumentation, regulations, contracts, carsharing websites, marketing, communication and websites of the emerging mobility and intermodality startups …  Transport translation; for Tradwell it means working on all documents relating to trains, but also tramways, bicycles, carsharing and electric cars, fleet management and any other means for a new way of urban or extra-urban travel.

Tradwell has been translating brochures, campaigns, bids and websites for the advertising giants such as JCDecaux or Metropole Media since its very beginnings. We know the technical jargon and the right words to make your commercials stand out and be noticed by your target audience. We can add spin to your web advertising banners; we use our loaf to make you more bread, as it were. There are vast differences between the advertising lingo in France and in the UK or The States. Slogans such as « Just do it! » cannot be literally translated into French; at Tradwell we’ll listen to you, look carefully at your potential audience and give your words the weight and substance to satisfy your goals.
Quite a few major F & B industry operators have already turned to Tradwell in order to get their product descriptions just right. The way you illustrate your product, the wording of your brochure or website can either successfully showcase your aims or completely deflate the purpose. Tradwell will work with you to tune up your F& B communication, whatever the size or nature of your business. Tradwell will translate your words to English or French, with taste, colour and flair, to give it the certain je ne sais quoi in order to boost your customer loyalty and develop your client base.
When facing the maze that is the French Administration, labour laws (over 8 000), legal procedures, commercial or personal leasing agreements, you may feel disarmed and rightly so. Tradwell has over 25 yers experience of succesful navigation over the troubled waters of French Administration. We can guide you or assist you when you need to get the right paper or stamp or when you want to understand the small print. Tradwell can translate your contracts, agreements, terms and conditions and any other document written in legal jargon. Tradwell can turn notwithstanding into nonobstant, therein has many uses in the diplomatic French speak and we know what hides behind the 3, 6, 9 of commercial leasing and concession contracts.



Tradwell chose CiblageWeb to develop its new website, a young yet highly innovative and dynamic startup based in the historic and leafy Eure et Loire region near Paris. Its reputation for delivering clean, to the point websites on time inspired Tradwell to enter into a mutually beneficial partnership, aiming to deliver a comprehensive service with ready to play, responsive design websites published in English and in French according to your brief, with a built-in CMS module to let you update the contents of your website when and where you want.

Clients & Testimonials

I needed help to translate a bid that was to be submitted by Elior, relating to the tender for a concession of catering points at a major airport in Germany. The bid was originally written in French and I requested Tradwell to translate it into English, the language stipulated in the bidding procedure. Uri and Tradwell were highly responsive;

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the translation integrated all the technical terms associated with large scale operations and international catering bids. The syntax and style were both pertinent and the language perfectly adapted to the bid, reflecting Elior’s quality commitments and showcasing the dynamic approach of the Group. Prices were right and live translation speeded up the process, enabling Elior to submit the bid within the allocated timeframe.
Cathy Dufour

Directrice Marketing Stratégique & Développement, Elior

Tradwell is capable of understanding the challenge and importance of each project immediately and instinctively. Elior trusts Tradwell to produce top quality work within a short timeframe. We use the talents of Tradwell every time we have to put together a major, international bid. In addition to the excellence of the translation and the writing, Tradwell always comes up with trendsetting marketing terms and dynamic descriptions. That is exactly what we need.

Philippe Veillon

Marketing & Development Director, Elior

The Group, and Pullman Paris Hotels in particular, collaborates actively with Tradwell since the company was established. We often call upon Tradwell to translate our client oriented newsletters, sales pitches, commercial presentations, hotel factsheets and all sorts of legal documents.

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We frequently submit documents with strong, industry specific marketing and communication contents and Tradwell does much more than just translate; Tradwell makes our ideas and messages stand out, Tradwell adds value to the original text while respecting the layout. Tradwell has always respected our deadlines…and our deadlines are always short! Tradwell is a reliable and competent partner!
Véronique Lapointe

Directrice des Ventes & Réservations Pullman Paris, Pullman

YieldPlanet’s business is focused on development and integration of automatic, web based management of distribution channels for the hotel industry. Kwalineo consultancy provides advice on hotel revenue and yield management training. Both are based on technological excellence and close collaboration with clients.

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Our clients are very demanding and we carefully select our suppliers. We operate in a highly competitive environment where product innovation is the key to market penetration. Our website and digital solutions are presented using the specific professional language and technical terms associated with top end hotel management. YieldPlanet has worked with Tradwell on many occasions; Tradwell has translated our web based tools, our website, the channel distribution software training presentations and commercial documents. From French to English or the other way round, Tradwell had always sought and invariably found the correct equivalents and matched our technical jargon in all translations. More than translate, Tradwell came up with innovative ways to describe our products and showcase our competitive edge. Well done Tradwell!
Nicolas Malapert

DG YieldPlanet France et Fondateur de Kwalineo, Yield Planet

Capsicum Games creates, develops, edits and commercialises innovative board games; from the conception through marketing to distribution, we cover the whole industrial spectrum. Our games are available in a number of countries and languages all over the world. Translating game rules demands linguistic dexterity of the highest calibre, coupled with a fiendishly dynamic and quasi unlimited imagination

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as well as a vast general knowledge. Players have to be incited to navigate inside imaginary worlds where natives live, love and sometimes lose or perish by the sheer force of imagination. Translation has to transpose the life on distant galaxies and the bustle of long gone eras to make them vibrant and dynamic, as much as they are in the native, French edition. New words are invented and inexistent synonyms have to be found. Tradwell does all that brilliantly, carefully measuring the degree of gaming syntax and balancing strange and unexplored to make fascinating reading for our clients. One might say that Tradwell gets into the game, lives inside the rules of the game to deliver perfectly transposed translations. At Capsicum Games we know who will translate game rules of our future inventions…it’s definitely Tradwell!
Didier Dincher

DG et Fondateur Capsicum Games, Capsicum Games

JCDecaux Artvertising is the French market leader in event related outdoor communication. We use advertising canvas to cover buildings and historic monuments during renovation and restoration work. JCDecaux Artvertising uses the latest, LED technology and canvas printing solutions to convey event related or advertising messages,

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in large size on strategic structures in prime Parisian locations and elsewhere. The strong visual landmarks showcase top brands and highlight historic infrastructures with imaginative designs. The owners of buildings concerned by canvas covering are often international and we frequently need to submit our bids in English. Our bids are composed of images and text, with separate chapters relating to a varied range of legal, marketing, financial and general presentation questions and requirements. As our bids and communication documents are destined to be appreciated by professionals, we demand that our suppliers translate using adequate terms as employed by the trade of the target country. That’s why we selected Tradwell. We work closely with Tradwell as all Tradwell translations add value to our creations and presentations and we are certain that the result will be in perfect harmony with our top quality expectations. Tradwell respects our timetables, listens and applies our briefs and ensures the layout: French and English versions are identical in size. Our clients approve, I do as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tradwell.
Pierre Clavel

CEO JCDecaux Artvertising, JCDecaux Artvertising

All translation requests start by the supplier listening to the client and by the designated translator making sure he understands the client’s trade, target audience and business goals. Translator needs to learn all about his client’s products and what makes them special. Tradwell offers top quality,

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made to measure translations with reasonable rates and always on time. Tradwell’s command of both source and target languages as well as technical terms used in the industry are of the highest order, we are confident that our products will be described adequately and user guides written with precision, in a client/user oriented manner. In the competitive world of today we need to be quick and efficient, Tradwell respects our deadlines which saves time and allows for productive commercial operations.
Jacques Velot

DG LBA, La Barrière Automatique


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Terms of sale


VAT at current French rate will be applied to all invoices within the European Union.

Advance payment and deposit

Anticipated, full payment including VAT is required for all emergency translation work demands. Delivery dates are calculated from the date of payment, unless a different mutual agreement prevails. All translation work demands estimated at 1 000 euros or less, excluding VAT are subject to full payment by bank transfer to our account before the work is accepted. 50% account is required for all translation work demands estimated at over 1 000 euros excluding VAT, except particular agreement. No translation work demand will be taken into account without the abovementioned account being paid in full. The balance outstanding is to be paid in full a week following the completion of work at latest. Late payments will be subject to penalties at 5% per calendar month. All payment reminders will incur 30 euros, ex VAT penalty. On account or full anticipated payments are understood as full acceptance of Terms of Sale.

Online estimates

Online estimates are given as information only. An estimate may be subject to alterations depending on the complexity of editorial work required and complexity of document layout. All final estimates are to be agreed upon by both Tradwell and the client before translation work is undertaken.

Translation work delivery date

Estimates are taken into consideration between 8 a.m. et 5 p.m. Fees for all translation work demands that require weekend or Bank holiday work will be automatically doubled.

Source file format

All translation work projects have to be submitted in usually accepted source file formats. All source file formats requiring acquisition of additional software or involving specialist IT skills will be refused. Documents are to be presented page by page, including scanned documents. Oversize files need to be deposited on an agreed site, at owners’ risk, or zipped before sending. No handwritten comments will be taken into account. Screen copies will not be accepted. Back to summary Readability – handwritten documents In order to provide quality work, all submitted documents need to be easily readable. Tradwell will not accept responsibility for any transcription errors due to poor quality of handwritten documents. Back to summary Land deliveries Land deliveries are dispatched by Chronopost in France and FEDEX or DHL outside of mainland France. All deliveries outside of mainland France are dispatched on client’s demand and are subject to a separate estimate to be paid in advance, in full. Back to summary Complaint handling Complaints related to style, word choice, syntax or editorial touch will not be accepted. If the source file’s editorial style is not compatible with the quality of work at Tradwell we will signal it to you and propose an alternative solution. All quality related complaints will be taken into consideration upon receipt of a registered letter within 7 days from the delivery date. A complaint does not cancel translation fees. Tradwell will try to resolve complaints in a spirit of partnership with its clients. All contested results will be checked ex post on condition that the client provides conclusive elements. If the complaint is judged vaili Tradwell agrees to verify the results and no further fees will apply. Back to summary Order cancellation Translation fees will not be refunded in case of an order being cancelled once the final estimate has been accepted and signed. Back to summary Professional responsibility and case of force majeure Tradwell responsiblity is limited to the amount of translation fees corresponding to the order. No demand for retributory damages will be accepted. At Tradwell, we promise to undertake our best to guarantee quality work at competitive price, within the delivery date. Our professional responsibility cannot be engaged in case of independent causes: strike, internet provider’s failure, accident, case of force majeure.