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Indigo Marshmallow, le thriller corporate sanguin et hilaire !

Rencontrez des personnes vous connaissez peut-être, en train de faire des choses incroyablement abominables et franchement pas bien du tout… Indigo Marshmallow, le nouveau corporate thriller est disponible sur Smashwords et sur tous les sites ebook : Amazon Kindle, KOBO, Barnes and Noble… La 5ème République s’écroule, la population s’apprête à faire des choix électoraux inédits. Mais vos dirigeants continuent de faire la fête. Pas pour longtemps : les cadavres laissés sur le chemin vers le pouvoir... lire plus

Indigo Marshmallow published and available!

Meet people you might know, doing things you wouldn’t believe! The pious insanities of French corporate deities. As the Fifth Republic crumbles and the disoriented population, faced once again with repeatedly rejected political choices is getting ready to embrace a populist future, the party goes on. Or at least it did for the five corporate princes, until the long forgotten skeletons decided to come out and scare them to oblivion. Indigo Marshmallow, the brand new corporate thriller that will make you cry with laughter and gasp in amazement at its audacity is available on Smashwords and through all usual ebook websites: Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, KOBO... Learn more ici Stéphane de Castille, the chairman and owner of Indigo, France’s top online retail company, summons four of its top directors to a celebratory boardroom meeting. They never make it. Imprisoned and kept in separate cells without any notion of time, they’re mentally tortured and physically tormented until they write detailed confessions about the events leading to the present day. Beneath the thin veneer of their seemingly conventional lives, each one of them has a sombre, hidden past. Their secret journeys are intertwined and marked by a multitude of skeletons. Their individual tales unravel the sordid underworld world of sexual deviances, international Dark Web based fentanyl smuggling, paedophile activities within the French Catholic Church, betrayal and murder. They all portray the duality of human nature and the current, pitiful state of crisis-ridden France. Impertinent, sanguine humour often takes the reader into the uncharted waters of non-PC. The perverse reality and moral corruption of power hungry corporate elites of the crepuscular... lire plus


KLESIA Provident and SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES have recently signed a mutual provident insurance contract covering all SCHNEIDER GROUP employees. TRADWELL has translated all contractual documents, forms, information leaflets, marketing and communication documents, etc. TRADWELL was also invited by KLESIA Provident to conduct employee information meetings at the Paris headquarters of SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES in Rueil Malmaison, near... lire plus


KLESIA Prévoyance vient de signer un contrat d’assurance “hauts risques” avec le groupe SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC. Tous les employés du groupe SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC bénéficient d’une couverture très avantageuse concernant leurs familles et leurs proches, y compris le grand nombre de collaborateurs étrangers. TRADWELL a traduit l’ensemble des documents relatifs à ce contrat : les documents contractuels, les livrets d’information, le bulletin d’adhésion, les documents marketing, etc. TRADWELL a également traduit la présentation qui concentre les avantages du nouveau contrat et animé les réunions d’information au siège de SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC à Rueil... lire plus

Shakespeare est mort il y a 400 ans; il a changé le monde et la langue anglaise

This week marks 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare. The characters he invented, the worlds he created and his feelings and thoughts resonate within humanity forever. Nelson Mandela, not a native English speaker, born a son of a Xhosa chief in Transkei said: “Shakespeare always seems to have something to say to us.” Shakespeare’s life as universal artist (poet and playwright), starts with the First Folio of 1623. His legacy includes introduction of new words (“equivocal”, “prodigious” and “antipathy”, were first used by Shakespeare). Read more Today we all use Shakespeare’s lines: “a fool’s paradise”; “the game is up”; “dead as a doornail”; “more in sorrow than in anger”; “cruel, only to be kind”; and many more. His phrases have been used as titles of hundreds of books and films from Brave New World (Aldous Huxley) and The Sound and the Fury (William Faulkner) to The Glimpses of the Moon (Edith Wharton) and The Dogs of War (Frederick Forsyth). Besides making the English language more dynamic, Shakespeare has tickled our imagination like no other playwright: Hamlet, Juliet’s Nurse, Macbeth, Mistress Quickly, Lear, Othello, Shylock, Portia, Prospero and Romeo … the list of classic archetypes goes on to the end (Macbeth), boasting characters perhaps closer to us than any others in the English litterature. The motto of the Globe, his theatre, was Totus mundus agit histrionem (The whole world is a stage). The titles of his plays are so quintessentially English: As You Like It, Much Ado About Nothing and All’s Well That Ends Well. Typically, Shakespeare seems to have left the stage without looking back. He just... lire plus

Brexit or saving Europe by Yanis Varoufakis; a love story starring a busty Siemens fridge.

Our European Union is disintegrating. Should we accelerate the disintegration of a failed confederacy? If one insists that even small countries can retain their sovereignty, as I have done, does this mean Brexit is the obvious course? My answer is an emphatic “No!” This vociferous statement by Yanis Varoufakis, the only minister of finance to rival Kardashian’s media coverage, is followed by his diatribe liking Brexit to a Tunguska style economic aftermath and preceded by a love story involving a cold yet strangely enticing Siemens refrigerator and a few transistors humming freedom songs under the blanket. Read more If you want to read Varoufakis’ treatise on how a naïve bean counter elated by the Greek people’s choice to refuse payback was thrown into the seriously over regulated world of heavies with fat Euro deposits and little romance, do so, it makes an interesting read in the light of Panama Papers. Many of you know Greece and appreciate its cocktail coloured sunsets, picturesque mazes of streets in towns built on the rock face of paradisiacal islands in order to confuse Jack Swallow pirates invading weekly from finding their way back to their skull and crossbones flagged vessels. Nowadays, the stone clad labyrinths are strewn with sun burnt bodies of fat Europeans who give up trying to retrace their way back to the hotel when the night clubs close. Mykonos, here I come! Yanis argues that Brexit would disintegrate Europe, which in turn would lead to 1930’s style chaos, further implying that we cannot peacefully undo the federal mess because the path that led us to unite, abandoning frontiers and funny money such as... lire plus