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Tradwell doesn’t do politics; well not unless politics infringe upon its hereditary right to dispense transcending translation tips, known as triple t within the corporation.

This is just the case with the farce being played out at this very moment, a play so comically brilliant that it deserves a chapter.

A communication coup so violent that we need to calm the reader by comparing what’s going on in France to what Shakespeare taught us about power and corruption, as in act 5, scene 2 of Hamlet. In the very last scene, the violence, so long suspended, erupts with dizzying momentum. Characters drop one after the other, poisoned, stabbed, and, in the case of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, executed, as the theme of revenge and justice reaches its conclusion in the moment when Hamlet finally kills Claudius.

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At the end, the arrival of Fortinbras effectively raises the question of political legitimacy once more. In marked contrast to the corrupted and weakened royal family lying dead on the floor, Fortinbras clearly symbolises a strong-willed, capable leader, though the play does not address the issue of whether his eventual rule will restore the moral authority of the state.

I let readers place the actors in the roles we see as interchangeable with 3 main royal political families testing the various means of mutual destruction: Les Républicains, erstwhile known as UDF and led by the has been but destined to become once again French president Nicolas Sarkozy, the PS led, we use the term sparingly, by the actual French president François Hollande, and the far right party driven by an older, yet even more successful version of Goneril, the depraved scoundrel who concocts nefarious schemes against her father in Shakespeare’s King Lear, Marine Le Pen.

French state television, France 2, scheduled what could be called a pre-presidential election debate with Goneril (or Jeanne d’Arc as she would like to be known) in the hot seat fencing with her main rivals over questions relating to national policies, the unemployment, desastrous social climate, justice and other issues tabled as the main ingredients of a cocktail that would ensure the top barman distinction in the presidential drawing room.

The two main parties, or rather their heads Nicolas Sarkozy and Jean-François Cambadelis, the bald left head, got together and formed a Chimaera « a thing of immortal make, not human, lion-fronted and snake behind, a goat in the middle, and snorting out the breath of the terrible flame of bright fire » so unlikely that it illustrates their incontinent rage at being left far behind Goneril in most recent opinion polls. Chimaera said that enough is enough, French people see far too much of Goneril and that with the French regional elections looming, France 2 should either cancel or add a regional debate to the announced agenda and invite Goneril’s main regional rivals.

The 2 regions that could fall under Goneril’s evil spell are Nord Pas de Calais of the immigrant jungle fame and Picardie, a mostly agricultural kingdom nearby.

Enraged, Goneril rejected the new rules imposed less than 24 hours before the scheduled debate and retreated to her lair spitting fire and brimstone. She refused to participate as there’s no time to prepare her regional case.

The scheduled debate was cancelled a few hours before due time. Brilliant coup de communication, Absolutely Fabulous.

In the relentless Battle for TV Audiences she had the pull, the main star power. Alone, Goneril guaranteed top results. In the light (or dark) of the current French dire straits of social misery, a lot of potential voters are likely to swing right, far right.

The result was not long in coming: an opinion poll carried out in the wake revealed a staggering 46% lead if the aforementioned regional elections were to take place today.

You can say what you want; she talks a lot of populist bull, but in times of crisis people like to listen to extremist banter.

In the other regional election oriented televised battle of the day, Goneril’s blonde angel of a niece Marion Maréchal Le Pen brilliantly won against the simpleton Mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi and economically competent (an antonym?) socialist candidate Christophe Castaner. At 25, Marion is charming, intelligent and convincing. Her main opponent, the dimest of all Christians the Estrosi is exactly the opposite.

So it looks to be a thrilling few weeks leading to Christmas.

Meanwhile, if either losing team is looking to improve their communications, y compris en anglais, Tradwell is the name!